System Warranty

All InfiniteERCAM trackers including mounting systems and components are guaranteed for a period of three years from the date of delivery.

The guarantee period can be extended with an executed maintenance contract for a period equal to the duration of it.

This guarantee does not include failures caused by a bad installation or deficient alignment or leveling of the pillars in case InfiniteERCAM or authorized installers have not made the installation

The following terms apply during guarantee period:

Actuation system, Master units, slaves, relays, and other minor electronic devices are guaranteed to be replaced free of cost. Damaged component must be sent to InfiniteERCAM (free of cost) to be repaired (installation is not included).

Structural components - On-site repair or free replacement if necessary (InfiniteERCAM decision). Damaged material must be sent at InfiniteERCAM cost to be repaired.

All the spare parts will have a new guarantee period of 36 months since the delivery date.

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