Operation and Maintainence

Since inception, the strong operation and maintenance division of InfiniteERCAM has been the reason for the success of InfiniteERCAM Solar PV installations. Appropriate and adequate Monitoring, Maintenance, and Managemnet of the Energy infrastructure is key to the success and long term performance of an energy infrastructure.

Efficiency, and precision have always been our sources of inspiration for developing and patenting the best of the breed monitoring system that allows us to adequately track the actual productions. InfiniteERCAM S' system engineers tend to any issues very early to ensure minimal or no production losses resulting in maximum production.

At this moment, up to 44.55 MW of solar PV projects are being maintained by InfiniteERCAM.

These plants are being maintained, monitored and managed by InfiniteERCAM under O&M contracts. In addition InfiniteERCAM also owns several farms that are maintained and opearted by InfiniteERCAM.

Our Customers enjoy the benefits and comfort that result from a production guarantee. We are proud to state that there has not been a single claim from the warranty and guarantee plan. This is only attributable to the strength and quality of InfiniteERCAM O&M protocols.

Some of our principal global customers are prestigious firms such as GES, BP Solar, ABB, 9ren (previously Gamesa Solar), etc.

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